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 I take common orthopedic conditions and break them into clear, organized explanations for YOU, the PATIENT.  I discuss anatomy, causes of pain, and both surgical and non-surgical treatment options for common musculoskeletal conditions. 



Why you should take these courses

I have spent time preparing clear mini-courses on many conditions.  It's very frustrating when doctors use big medical words.  I use plain language to clearly teach you about these conditions the same way I teach my own patients.   

Understand anatomy

A simplified guide to the important structures of the involved joints

Understand pain generators in its many forms

Why do you hurt, what causes the pain and how did it develop?

Understand both surgical and non-surgical options for many conditions

Learn what your options are for managing your injury and pain.  


Courses offered:

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Knee Arthritis

Hip Arthritis- coming soon

Shoulder Arthritis- coming soon

ACL injury- coming soon

Meniscus tears- coming soon

Femeroacetabular impingement (FAI) /labral tear of the hip- coming soon


Added bonus!

Student communities

Join your fellow subscribers in a closed group to be resources for each other as you navigate your journeys.  Each topic will have a subgroup to avoid overlap.  


What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

"I finally understand why my knee has been hurting so badly.  Thanks for teaching me how I can start to take control

Stephen B. 


" I never understood the difference between a total knee replacement and a partial.  Now I see why I had to have the full knee replaced." 

Amira S.


"Well organized and written at an easy to understand level" 

Sonya P.


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